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Submit your Abstract for free communications.

Abstract for iLVS 2023 FOR YOUNG (see below).

On behalf of the Scientific Committee of the 3nd international Live Venous Symposium , we wish to thank you for submitting your work for presentation. The presentation and evaluation process will be managed by the iLVS Committee. 

The deadline for submitting abstracts is October 17, 2023, Thursday at 11:59 pm local time in Rome (BST, GMT + 2) .




Before submitting the abstract, please read the guidelines below carefully.



All abstracts must be written in English.

All abstracts must be sent by post to

Use acronyms only when necessary and define all abbreviations and concepts in your abstract on first use.

It is the responsibility of the authors to submit a correct abstract. Any spelling, grammar or scientific errors will be reproduced as typed by the author.

Proposing and submitting authors are required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the abstract content prior to submission.

All abstracts will be initially reviewed and will be accepted or rejected by the Scientific Committee. The Organizing Committee and the Scientific Committee reserve the right to determine whether a submitted abstract will be accepted as an oral presentation or poster.

Only the abstracts of the submitting authors who have completed the registration and paid the registration fee by the deadline for the registration of the abstract submitter (October 17, 2023) will be included in the scientific program and in the publications of the abstracts.

The abstract is accepted only if notified in writing and subsequently confirmed by the organizing Secretariat of iLVS 2023.

By submitting an abstract, the authors agree to give iLVS 2022 permission to publish their abstracts in the Conference publication.

Since there is no abstract editing process, authors are required to avoid any typos, incorrect author order, incorrect spelling / writing of institutions, etc.

Please DO NOT submit multiple copies of the same abstract unless there are serious errors.

Be sure to save your username and password for future use. If you do not remember your credentials, contact the Organizing Secretariat of the Conference at

Once the submission is complete, it will no longer be possible to change it. If changes need to be made, the author can send the abstract again by e-mail, asking to cancel the previous one, specifying the day and time it was sent, before the submission deadline. In this case, please contact the Organizing Secretariat of the Conference at


Use generic drug names only.

Brand, product or company names should not be used in the title or abstract text.

ILVS reserves the right to substitute any brand name with a generic name.

STEP 1 - Presentation options

- Oral presentation in the FREE PAPERS session.
- Presentation of posters in the FREE PAPERS session.

The scientific committee reserves the right to modify the type of presentation according to the needs of the scientific program.

STEP 2 - Information on the institution

The authors' institution or institutions must be indicated in full with the names of "department" and "institution", avoiding abbreviations such as Dept., Univ., Inst., Hosp., Etc. The data of the department and the institution, the city and the country must be written in lowercase, while the initials of each word must be written in capital letters.

Enter each affiliation only once: for example, if there are 5 authors and 3 of them come from the same affiliation and 2 from another, you will have 2 institutions, NOT 5. However, if 2 or more departments of the same institution are represented , these must be entered separately.

If one of the authors has more than one affiliation, enter both affiliations in a composite style as a single affiliation: for example, if there are 5 authors and 2 of them are from the same affiliation (Institute A), 2 from one other (Institute B) and 1 from both affiliations (Institutes A and B), there will be 3 institutions, NOT 5 or NOT 2. (First institution: Institute A, second: Institute B and the third: Institute A and Institute B) .

Be sure to include city and country information at the end for each institution. For the United States, be sure to enter country information such as "United States" or "US" after writing the state name or abbreviation. For the United Kingdom, write the country name as "United Kingdom" or "UK".

STEP 3 - About the author

The first name, second and last name of all authors must be indicated correctly and in the right order. Please take care to match institutions to the right authors and make sure you select the "submitting author" correctly.

STEP 4 - Information on the presenting author

Correctly enter the contact information of the presenting author.
It is very important to make sure that the submitting author's email address is entered correctly, as all communications relating to acceptance, any changes requested and programming will be sent to the submitting author via email from the Organizing Secretariat of the Congress. .

STEP 5 - Title of the abstract

The abstract must have a short and specific title (without abbreviations) indicating the nature of the survey.

The titles of the abstracts can contain a maximum of 150 characters.

Titles must not be written with all capital letters.

STEP 6 - Abstract

Body of the abstract: The body of the abstract must not exceed  300 words. The title of the abstract, authors, institutions and keywords are not included in this limit and should not be included in this section.

The body of the abstract must consist of the four sections indicated below except for free presentations:

Purpose: clearly indicate the purpose of the abstract.
Methods: Clearly describe the selection of observations or experimental subjects.
Results: Present the results in a logical sequence in text, tables and illustrations.
Conclusions: Underline new and important aspects of the study (perhaps as a discussion section) and the conclusions drawn from them.

Briefly describe the objectives of the study, unless they are contained in the title. Include a brief method statement if relevant. Indicate the results in sufficient detail to support the conclusions. Abstracts should not describe research in which the chemical identity or source of the reagent is proprietary or cannot be disclosed.

Standard abbreviations can be used without definition. Non-standard (minimized) abbreviations should be placed in parentheses after the first use of the abbreviated word or phrase.

Do not include the names or personal information of patients participating in a study or trial.

Phrases such as "the results will be discussed" or "the data will be presented" cannot be accepted. Please briefly mention all sources of funding for the work described and other thanks at the end of the abstract text. References and acknowledgments are included in the 250 word count for the abstract text.

A maximum of five bibliographic references can be added to the end of the abstract text. For each reference it is possible to indicate only the three names of the first authors, the title of the article and the bibliography.

To be compatible with the universal coding system, only the special characters specified in the system must be used. Note that abstracts using other special characters may not display correctly in publications due to coding systems.

STEP 7 - Keywords

Keywords must not be included in any of the sections of the abstract text and must only be written in the section dedicated to keywords.

You need to enter a minimum of 3 keywords and a maximum of 6 keywords.

All keywords must be lowercase and separated by a comma . 

All keywords must be separated by a comma (,). Do not use commas for any other items in the keywords section.

STEP 8 - Additional files

Graphic files and images will not be accepted.

STEP 9 - Sending to the Committee

Send by post to:


All submitted abstracts will be evaluated and subjected to a review process by the Scientific Committee after the closing of entries. After this review process, the draft program will be drawn up. Letters notifying the acceptance of abstracts will be sent in November 2023.

Presenting authors must be registered for the Conference no later than 17 October 2023, the deadline for the registration of abstract presenters.

Abstracts from unregistered submitting authors who do not complete their registration (including payment) by this deadline will be removed from the final program and all relevant publications.


Thank you for submitting your work for consideration. We look forward to welcoming you to iLVS 2023 in November!

For any specific request, please contact us directly at


The deadline for submitting abstracts is October 17, 2023, Thursday at 11:59 pm local time in Rome (BST, GMT + 2). Be sure to check your time zone to determine the submission deadline based on your local time.

Submission Abstract.png



The iLVS considered giving an Award at the congress on November 17-18 to be given to the best communication whose first author is an under-40 participant.

Therefore, on the occasion of the IIIrd iLVS congress, the call for papers for the "iLVS 2023 FOR YOUNG" PRIZE is announced, which will be awarded to the communication deemed deserving on the basis of scientific depth and its innovative contribution in the field of phlebology. The judging committee will choose the best paper to be published in full in the journal "acta Flebologica", also awarding the author as a prize an Epivein 3D (articulated transilluminator) worth € 1,000.00.



On the opening day of the congress, November 17, the session open only to those under 40 is scheduled, where selected papers for the "iLVS 2023 FOR YOUNG" AWARD will be presented. Selected free-themed papers are scheduled on the same day to follow.


- FILE NAME: please name the file with last name of the first author.

- CHARACTER: times new roman, body 12.

- INTERLINE: single.

- MAXIMUM LENGTH: 400 words.


- AUTHORS: first and last name in full (e.g., Mario Rossi).

- AUTHOR UNDER 40: must be listed as first.

- AUTHOR SPEAKER: first and last name in full (e.g., Mario Rossi).

- HOUSING INSTITUTIONS, CITY: indicate hospital/university/nursing home/

and/or city of affiliation of all authors.

- ABBREVIATIONS: use only common abbreviations or indicate words in full.

- GRAPHS, TABLES AND FIGURES: 1 graph, 1 table, 1 figure saved in JPEG not > 200 Kbytes.

- SCHEME: Purpose of the work, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusions, Bibliography.



- abstracts must be submitted no later than Oct. 15, 2023 to, specifying in the "subject" field iLVS 2023 FOR YOUNG or free-topic report, the author's name and the title of the paper.

- abstracts sent in hard copy, either by fax or by mail, will not be taken into consideration.




- abstracts submitted by the deadline will be judged by a special committee on the basis of order of arrival, relevance, originality and scientific value. Authors of approved abstracts will receive an acceptance email. Inclusion of the communication in the Program and its presentation at the congress will be contingent on the speaker's registration for iLVS 2023.

- failure to register will automatically result in automatic exclusion of the paper.

- only one paper may be submitted for participation in "iLVS 2023 FOR YOUNG".



Papers will be presented within the special session during the congress following the following rules:

  • maximum exposure time 5 min;

  • presentation in Power-Point format;

  • should include the following aspects of the work: Objectives, Materials and Methods, Results and Considerations;

  • may contain images and/or short videos.

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