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We welcome you to the international  Live Venous Symposium

It will be an unforgettable experience, full of real content in a vision where the main target is training / inspiration. A truly special event not to be missed.

Welcome to the International Live Venous Symposium (iLVS), November 17-18, 2023.


The main objective is to educate and inspire:


Following the success of the first online edition of the iLVS in 2021 and after the second hybrid edition in 2022, I planned to follow it up by organising a full in-person training event with live workshops. Renowned international specialists will attend the event, making an important contribution to the realisation of a unique event. Each participant will be able to dialogue directly with the experts. In the practical workshops, tutors will instruct and guide participants during each training session, giving feedback on each learning.


The training programme will offer live sessions/workshops.

In-person participation is foreseen, ensuring exclusive training that will enable the practitioner to be in a position to practise all that he or she has learnt.

Certificates of attendance will be available for all participants.

The iLVS aims to achieve its goal thanks to the hard work of the people who work to make it happen, the lecturers and the sponsors who provide unconditional support.



iLVS will host sessions of:

-  Live Treatments

-  Satellite workshops/symposia

-  Independent sponsored workshops



We will make every effort to meet the needs of all our participants and sponsors and hope that the LIVE in-presence edition will allow more participants to learn by hands-on-training.


Christian Baraldi, MD

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