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ven 17 nov


Provincia di Catanzaro

international Live Venous Symposium 2023

It will be an unforgettable experience, full of real content in a real vision where the main target is training / inspiring. A truly special event not to be missed.

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international Live Venous Symposium 2023
international Live Venous Symposium 2023

Orario & Sede

17 nov 2023, 08:30 CET – 18 nov 2023, 14:00 CET

Provincia di Catanzaro, SS 280 dei Due Mari, 88040 Lamezia Terme CZ, Italia

Info sull'evento

The main goal is to train and inspire:

After the success of the first and second iLVS events, I thought I would follow it up by organizing an in-person and online training event complete with live workshops. The event will be attended by distinguished international specialists, who will make an important contribution to the realization of a unique event. Each participant will be able to dialogue directly with the experts. In the hands-on workshops, mentors will instruct and guide participants during each training session, providing feedback on each learning.

The training program will offer sessions/workshops with session IV being represented by PHLEBOCOURSE ITALY.

Each person can participate in the International Venous Symposium live following the workshops of their choice in separate rooms, making a full 2-day training program.

In-person participation guarantees exclusive training that will allow the practitioner to put into practice all that he or she has learned.

In addition, for people who will not be able to attend in person (all over the world excluding Italy), we will try to offer via the web a fantastic training experience, excluding the practical part. Thanks to advances in technology, we have been able to introduce several innovations that we hope will replicate as much as possible the feeling of a "real" event and introduce new networking possibilities.

Certificates of attendance will be available for all participants.

The iLVS aims to achieve its goal thanks to the hard work of the people who are committed to making it happen, the faculty and the sponsors who provide unconditional support.

The iLVS will host sessions of:

- Live Cases

- Interesting cases

- Satellite workshops/symposia

- Workshops sponsored by independent entities

We will make every effort to meet the needs of all participants and sponsors and hope that the LIVE edition will allow more participants to learn according to the rules of hands-on training.

The exhibit hall will be available for sponsor display.

Christian Baraldi, MD

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